DueNorth 2X Film

DueNorth 2X Film

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What is DueNorth Double-X?

Due North branded respooled Eastman Double-X 5222 film. An iconic Double-X motion picture film from Eastman Kodak that are hand rolled in convenient 24 exposure 35mm rolls! Processing is done in standard B&W chemistry, so it can be developed by any lab that handles B&W film.

Kodak Eastman Double-X 5222 is a high-speed, general-use panchromatic black-and-white negative film for both outdoor and studio use. It has a nominal sensitivity of 250iso in daylight conditions and 200iso under tungsten lighting, and it provides very high sharpness, a broad tonal range, and a fine grain structure.  Can process in D-96 or other standard B&W chemistry. 

Acclaimed films like The Lighthouse, Paper Moon, Casino Royale and Raging Bull were filmed on this beautiful BW film and now you can capture the same gorgeous tones with your 35mm camera! Hand-rolled from fresh film onto recycled materials, these 24 exposure rolls are the perfect choice for most lighting situations offering greater depth of field without increased illumination. 

  • Medium-speed panchromatic negative film
  • Suitable for outdoors and indoor photography
  • Superbly subtle tone scale
  • 24 exposure rolls
  • Process BW

Here is a great video that talks about this magical film stock!

Double X 5222 Informative Video