The Classic Camera Wrist Strap Reviewed Over at Film Awakening

Click here to check out the Classic Wrist Strap reviewed over at Film Awakening.

The Classic Leather Camera Wrist Strap by Due North Leather Goods

Photography has evolved. Historically, it always served as a tool for personal artistic expression. The primary purpose of capturing images in the past was to replicate a scene with no error, exaggeration, or tampering. It wasn't something that one would fancy as a career or hobby. But with time, things changed. Modern images taken by professionals exude feel and gravitas typically associated with paintings. Photography has evolved into an art. Artisans don't take photographs; they make it.

Photography is all about capturing the right moment, but perhaps that's an oversimplification. Understanding the moment and recognizing the elements and surroundings that make up that moment is fundamental to capture images that inspire. Photographers spend hours in preparation to take a single shot that encapsulates their vision. But sometimes, the most amazing moment occurs randomly, literally out of nowhere. Capturing that moment can be more difficult than putting hours into setting up a shot.

Having the camera attached on the hand with a wrist strap allows photographers to take a shot and capture these random moments forever instantly. Wrist straps are often overshadowed by neck straps, but they come really handy for photographers. They have recently become quite popular, especially among street photographers who want to avoid sore neck and cramped muscles after a long day shooting outdoors. An ideal wrist strap is durable and functional, making the shooting experience more comfortable.

At a glance, a wrist strap may seem insignificant to photography. If you think about it, it doesn't improve your image's quality, but it can improve your timing and help you get the perfect shot. Learn more about wrist straps from T Mackay. He has navigated the streets of Baltimore and DC, capturing amazing photos all these years. He sheds light on the importance of camera-to-hand time and how slow movements could be the difference in you not getting the shot you want.

He tested a classic leather wrist strap from Due North Leather Goods Co. and was extremely happy with the results. Aesthetics, comfort, and durability—it ticked all the boxes for the photographer who used the strap while walking around Alexandria, VA. A high-quality custom leather wrist strap can make a strong fashion statement and allow you to take photos while keeping your camera safe and secured.

Click here to check out the Classic Wrist Strap reviewed over at Film Awakening.