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Nikon F Camera

People define and perceive photography quite differently. For some, it’s merely the process of producing an image. For others, it’s an indispensable form of creative art. Both schools of thought can’t deny the fact that old-school photography in itself is a science, the development and progress made in this field, even more so. The timeline of old-school photography evolving into modern photography is a fascinating tale that often gets lost in the midst. Photographic cameras’ roots actually go very deep.

Here’s a quick recap. The First Single-Lens Reflex Camera (SLR) was developed in the late 1920s, which was improved in 1948, later taken over by digital cameras in 1975. By the mid-1990s, there was a wide range of different digital cameras on the market from top manufacturers, including the likes of Casio, Kodak, and Sony. But the one company that sticks out is Nikon. Established in 1917, the century-old company saw the rise owing to the Nikon F series. The F lineup completely eclipsed everything else in its time.

The Nikon F series was indeed a vital turning point in 35mm photography. The cameras offered all the top elements of 35 SLRs for the first time, turning the heads of professional photographers. The F series, in essence, helped Japan become the new photographic industry leader. Nikon bared no expense in testing the complicated mechanisms of F series cameras, subjecting them to a variety of tests, including durability vibrations, low temp durability, and heat run. Nikon FM and FE were among the two highly regarded cameras in this innovative series.

Both Nikon FM and FE are the type of SLR cameras that came in 135 (35mm) 36x24mm format, weighing 590g with an F-mount lens. The FM model was equipped with Centre-Weighted TTL Metering, 2x GPD Cells, and Vertical-travel, metal focal-plane shutter. In contrast, the FE model came with a Centre-Weighted TTL Meter, 2x SPD Cells, and Electronic Metal Vertical Travel Focal Plane Shutter. These classic cameras are timeless items in the world of photography and still remain a popular choice among enthusiasts who appreciate classic cameras.

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Click here to check out Classic Camera Revival Podcast Episode 82
Fun Fact: The Nikon F was born out of technical difficulties with attaching longer lenses to rangefinders.