Revolutionizing Moments with Photography

Click here to access Negative Positives Episode 318!  Mike and the gang start talking about Due North Leather Goods Products at (46:20min)

Photography Gift Idea

Photojournalism is now more important than ever. Post World War II, the Leica camera emerged, and the way that photographs were taken completely changed forever. This was in large part due to the emergence of candid photography. No longer were photographs posed for — everything was candid. Photography became more about capturing the essence of a moment in time, rather than constructing a posed image. Photography became as important as ever in exposing the truth about the reality of life; governments could no longer fool their people. Photojournalists emerged as some of the top reporters of their times, especially in terms of serving the people back home a taste of reality.

In this special podcast, our hosts discuss the efforts of photography and how it has completely changed the landscape. Handing out nearly 30 camera rolls, our host elaborates on how Kodak cameras completely revolutionized photojournalism in light of the current trends in America, allowing for the emergence of several iconic photographs.

Faces covered in masks, holding up placards, and busy chanting slogans, the Kodak camera is solely responsible for recording the iconic imagery of movements of the past. In today's political climate, photojournalism is as important as ever—and that's what our three hosts are discussing today. From the iconic Kodak camera to the LCA120, our hosts discuss the gear required to take impactful pictures. Exposure, lighting, editing and different techniques to experiment with, our hosts talk about their personal projects and their favorite photography gear. Taking us back to personal moments in their lives, our hosts indulge us with their favorite memories and techniques to record moments in time that hold meaning to them.

From Polaroids to instant cameras, the way that we're documenting moments in time is shifting. From recording historical movements to documenting our birthdays and anniversaries, there's been a return to traditional cameras. Our hosts discuss a range of gears for those attracted to photography as a hobby, for those who want to keep their costs low, for those who want to spread awareness about topics such as mental health, and more. Photography has become more accessible to the layman now, and there are several ways you can go about it.

Are you excited to kickstart your photography as a hobby? Or are you looking into photojournalism to highlight impactful and iconic moments in history? Why not indulge yourself with our three hosts Mike Gutterman, Andre Domingues, and Roxanna Angles, as they discuss the changing political landscape, the uses of photography, and the different types of cameras they prefer for different shots!  Mike and the gang discuss Due North Leather Goods handmade leather camera straps at 46:20 min in the podcast.


Click here to access Negative Positives Episode 318!  Mike and the gang start talking about Due North Leather Goods Products at (46:20min)