Your Guide to the Most Photogenic Spots in Toronto

You don’t need snow-covered mountains or lakes with clear blue water to take good photographs. Toronto has several different locations that serve as great photo-ops and provide you with just the right amount of aesthetics and style to make them worthy of being photographed.

Here’s our picks of the most photogenic spots in Toronto.

Distillery District

New York City’s Meatpacking district isn’t the only place with red-brick walls and cobblestone paths. Toronto has its own popular red-brick spot at Distillery District.

Distillery District is not just one of the most picturesque places in Toronto, but also has historic significance. It used to be a Victorian industrial site which was then transformed into a cultural hub in the 2000s. Today, it’s full of unique shops, art galleries, restaurants, cafés, boutiques, and bistros with outdoor patios. You’ll even find a brewery here.

image of a corner at Distillery District in Toronto

This is one spot you don’t want to miss photographing!

Sugar Beach

If you’re not sure what place to visit first, start with Sugar Beach. This 8,500 square meter beach park is open year-round, and makes for a great photography spot. The cute and aesthetically pleasing beach is a hit among tourists and locals alike, giving them some of their finest clicks.

Sugar Beach is named after the old Redpath sugar factory that’s situated right next to it. During summer, you’ll see the sandy urban beach lit up with ornamental lighting and adorned with cute pink umbrellas. Candy stripes, Muskoka chairs, and maple trees are also among Sugar Beach’s aesthetic features and give visitors several photographic opportunities. During winter, the beach is covered in snow and looks magical under the moonlight. It’s a win-win for all seasons!

Graffiti Alley

You don’t have to travel all the way to Prague and pose alongside The Lennon Wall for some cool photographs of local art and a graffiti covered surface. Toronto’s very own Graffiti Alley does the job perfectly well!

As one of the most celebrated areas in the city, Graffiti Alley is a small alleyway (also called Rush Lane) where the street art is constantly changing. Local artists color the walls with their craft and talent, creating beautiful spectacles. Graffiti Alley has also been used to make political statements via art, and holds much reverence among locals.

image of the famous Graffiti Alley in Toronto

Sandwiched between Queen Street West and Augusta Avenue, Graffiti Alley is easy to miss if you don’t know about it. Make sure you drop by to witness the ever-changing street art and click new photographs of the place each time you’re there!

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