How to Care for and Maintain Your Leather Camera Strap

Buying a handmade leather camera strap is an excellent decision to make as a serious photographer. Not only are Due North Leather's camera straps made of high quality, full-grain leather that's been traditionally vegetable-tanned — we make sure to have our sleek design match the quality of the material. The supple final product is a leather strap every photographer will love.

However, merely buying a leather strap won't cut it. Whether it's a neck, wrist, or finger strap, anything made of leather needs consistent maintenance and care. Let's run through some necessary steps you can take to care for and maintain your leather camera strap over time. 

A Due North Leather Racer Camera Wrist Strap attached to an Olympus camera.

Inspecting Your Strap

As a proud leather strap owner, the first step to maintain your leather strap is to inspect it well and regularly. Leather does not fare well when neglected, which is why you need to keep an eye out for natural damage and signs of wear and tear. 

After every outdoor photography expedition, make sure to look out for any cuts, tears, or scratches. This is important because damage to the material itself can make using the strap unsafe for your camera. 

It would be best if you also looked for creases or fold marks. While the leather we use comes with natural crease marks and they will increase over time — you must make sure there's no severe damage to the material.

Lastly, the rivets and rings deserve your attention too. Metal needs care just as much as leather and shabby looking fixtures will drag your strap's appearance down. 

Preventing Damage

Leather relies on oil-based moisture and shade to retain its shiny surfaceWater or other liquids, direct sunlight, dust, humidity, and mold are all detrimental to leather in any shape or form.

Make sure to stay on dry land and in the shade as much as possible when you're outside. Regular applications of leather creams or dressing after a long day out in the sun is the perfect therapy for your leather camera strap. 

You should also store your leather camera strap in a microfiber cloth bag if not used for a more extended period. Just remember to clean and moisturize it as much as possible during storage.

 An Olympus film camera with a Due North Leather finger strap attached.

Performing a Deep Clean

You don't always have to clean your leather strap if you take good care of it. Depending on how dirty it gets and how much you use it, you can clean your leather stops at intervals of 6-12 months. The first step is to get any grime off with a soft, dry microfiber cloth. Dampen it slightly after a cursory clean to get off all the dirt hiding in the material.

Next, dry it in the shade for 24 hours or more if it's still damp. Don't rush the process with a heater or a blow dryer. That will damage the strap. Instead, it would be best if you let it take its time. Lastly, apply some dressing and massage it in with the cloth to make sure every inch is soft. 

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