4 Tips for Taking Instagram-Worthy Photographs

Are you wondering how you can take professional photographs with your camera without paying for it? It may seem simple; after all, all you need to do is point and shoot. Wrong. Whether it’s selecting the right composition, finding the best light, or picking a suitable subject, a great picture requires a lot of skill and strategy. 

Research has shown that Canada’s photography industry has expanded by 1.6 percent on average in the last five years each year. Here are some photography tips to take professional snapshots.

A newlywed couple standing underneath a tree

Select a Compelling Focal Point

One of the first things you should work on is getting your focal point right. Whether you’re shooting a building, a landscape, or a person, you must find a strong focal point that makes your viewers sit up and take notice. 

When you’re strategizing or setting up a shot, pause for a while and ask yourself which aspect of the picture you want your audience to concentrate on. By placing the essential parts of your photo off-center rather than in the middle, you can create a balance between the shot’s background and the main subject.

Use a Camera Strap

Imagine you’re quietly shooting an animal from a distance from atop a hill, and suddenly your camera slips from your hand, tumbling down the mountain. Not only will you scare away your subject, but your camera will also be badly damaged by the time you retrieve it. 

strong camera strap that hangs around your neck or connects to your wrist can save you a lot of trouble, especially when you’re shooting from a height. It can help you take professional photos by focusing solely on how you want the shot to come out rather than worrying about your camera’s condition and the possibility of losing it.

A woman shooting with her camera in a city

Think About Perspective

You’d be surprised how much your photo’s composition can change by putting effort into its perspective. By simply altering the distance or angle you’re shooting from, you can transform the image’s meaning and mood.

Try capturing the same subject from below and above, or up close and far away. A bird’s eye view can make the focal point appear small in the shot while photographing them from below can make their appearance towering. If you want to communicate a sense of authority, try filling the frame with your subject.

Add a Bokeh Effect

You might have come across many pictures, especially in wedding photography, where the bride and groom are visible while the background is blurry and soft.

This intentional out-of-focus effect can help your viewers focus on what you want them to, making your subjects pop out of the backdrop. Bring them up close to the camera and capture them in front of a distant setting. 

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