4 Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your Camera Strap

As a photographer, there’s always so much that we have our eye on to buy. From a better night photography lens to better light equipment or maybe even a second camera.  However, that often means we neglect the basics when it comes to our comfort, like camera straps. 

Ideally, a photographer should have three, comfortable camera straps at all times: for your neck, wrist and finger. Depending on the occasion, you’ll need all three for different purposes. However, what’s more important is the material they’re made out of.

You should consider updating your rough polyester strap to our handmade leather camera straps, and this is why. 

Comfort is the Priority

A camera may not be heavy on first contact, but after even an hour of having it hang onto your neck, you’ll realize how important a role the strap plays. With a synthetic cloth strap you’ll constantly be chafing and may even develop a friction rash at the point of contact.  

Instead, you want something that’s narrower, but sturdy enough to take the weight of your camera and its lens. We use full grain leather that’s been vegetable tanned for the ultimate original leather feel and we make sure to bevel the bottom edges for your comfort. Since all of this is done by hand, our QA process is airtight, ensuring that you get a perfect leather camera strap.

Change Up Your Strap’s Type 

You may even want to change up the kind of strap you have. Hours of having your camera putting pressure on your neck can cause knots and strain, which isn’t ideal. With a range of strap types, you can alternate between them and possibly make things easier on yourself.

Check out our Classic Leather Finger Strap or Red Tab Leather Camera Wrist Strap as well as the Bowman Leather Camera Neck Strap for a complete set of leather camera straps for each purpose.

Look Classy on The Job

There’s nothing that ruins a classy suit or a well curated outfit more than a scratchy, cheap-looking camera strap. If you’re a photographer who likes to look good as they shoot, you definitely want to chuck out that bulky free strap you get with the camera.  Our leather straps are made for this exact purpose. With basic, sleek design and the slightest of metal accents — you’ll look good no matter what you wear our leather straps with.

A Lifetime Investment

The best part about buying high-quality, handcrafted leather straps? Durability. As long as you take care of it well, our camera straps will last you a good long time. In fact, even the aging process of leather brings unique creases and color variation that will make your leather camera strap look like a
bespoke item.

Buy our classic, Canadian-made leather camera straps online on our website, with international shipping!

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