4 Factors To Consider When Buying A Camera Strap

Are you thinking of pursuing your passion for your photography with a new camera? We’d recommend getting a comfortable camera strap with it. The market size of Canada’s photography industry reached $1 billion in 2020.

Many photographers don’t give a lot of thought to this little accessory until their neck starts giving trouble. This can save you a trip to your chiropractor, and it can also help you take better photos without worrying about a full-day event. Here are some factors you should consider while purchasing a camera strap. 

A person shooting outdoors with their digital camera


One of your biggest priorities while purchasing a camera strap should be how comfortable it is. Whether you’re covering back to back weddings or covering a full-fledged event, your camera strap should be suitable enough to take shots from different angles.

Leather camera straps can correspond well with your shoulders’ counters over time while also offering durability and aesthetic appeal. It’s a classy, high-quality material that can easily carry your camera by making your photography experience relaxed and secure.


You can choose from a variety of camera styles, depending on your needs and preferences. Neck-straps are attached to eyelets so either or both sides of the camera body. You can carry your camera by hanging the strap around your shoulder or neck.

They’re easily adjustable and can be attached quickly, offering you flexibility in situations where you must take spontaneous shots.

The wrist camera strap is another option that connects your camera to your wrist via a cord. This style can suit you more if you use smaller, light-weight cameras, including smaller profile mirrorless cameras or point-and-shoot ones.

A woman shooting with her camera outdoors


Your camera strap should connect well with your camera, so make sure you examine the strap’s compatibility with your camera. Some straps include two attachments, while others give a singular one that goes well with your camera.

In either case, the connections should be stable and sturdy enough, so whichever angle you take, or whichever height you’re shooting from, you can be sure your camera won’t go tumbling down.


When considering different camera straps, keep in mind that one size may not necessarily fit all. If you have a tall build, make sure you get a longer camera strap that perfectly reaches your fingertips.

Aside from height, some photoshoots require that you keep your camera close to you. Even if you’re traveling, you don’t want it to slump at your side, as that could damage its lens or other essentials parts. So, the length of your camera strap is easily adjustable when you’re covering different events or different angles on repeat.

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