3 Accessories You Need to Get For Your New Camera

Whether you’re an aspiring photographer just starting out, an amateur photographer who likes taking pictures, or a professional with your own studio, you need more than just a good camera to do exceptional photography. You also need to invest in camera equipment to help you with your work.

photography equipment laid out together

Here are a few accessories to get for your camera right away...


Why is a tripod an important component of your camera equipment?  Well, because it allows you to take high-quality shots at just the right angle by holding your camera upright and absolutely still. This results in sharp and detailed images that would otherwise be quite difficult to capture.

Invest in a sturdy tripod that holds your camera firmly and doesn’t wobble over when touched lightly. Ideally, your tripod should extend to your eye-level so that you can shoot even when you’re close to the ground. Aluminum tripods and carbon fiber tripods are both good options.

Additional Lenses

Most cameras come with a standard zoom lens that typically covers a focal length range of 18-55mm (APS-C format camera).  For a full-frame model, the focal range may be 24-105mm.

There’s nothing wrong with these zoom lenses, and they’re great for individuals who’re just getting started with photography. Soon enough, though, you’ll need a lens that allows for wider zoom, especially if you’re shooting landscapes. Similarly, for getting high-quality close-up shots of smaller subjects, a macro lens is the best option, whereas a telephoto lens is suitable for framing action subjects. Even an additional portrait lens with a wide aperture can help you avoid blur backgrounds.

Once you’ve figured out the type of photography you’re most interested in, it’s best to invest in an additional lens that complements it.

Neck Strap

You need a safe and simple way to carry your camera while you’re photographing your subjects, and a heavy camera bag swung across your shoulder just won’t do. Do you know what will work in this situation? A good old neck strap for your camera.

leather neck strap

Neck straps ensure that your camera is always within reach. It also keeps your device in sight at all times. Not to mention the ease of convenience it adds when you’re travelling. Every time you click a picture, all you’ve got to do is hold up your camera at the right angle and you’re good to go!

We have an extensive collection of leather camera neck straps available online. All of our products are handcrafted in Ontario using Canadian made leather, and are built to last several years.

Buy a leather neck strap for your device today!



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